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This website was created a few years ago and to that time I was not aware of the success of this composite and more so a similar 1994 composite I made to take the Rayban sunglasses off the subject, and also the use of my action in the effort to alert the FBI investigation as to the witness mixing my face into her memory of the Salt Lake City sighting. I must say that I was surprised to see the second remake in 1994 and was alarmed by the carelessness of the investigation not to call and find out what I knew before they went ahead and had another witness redraw the composite. This is not to be construed as a complaint against the second artist's efforts mainly because she did a good job in detailing the witness's memory, the memory of a witness that worked with me to create the first release over 6 years before. More so, I fault the FBI on not being careful because in these investigations investigators like me do come up with details that might be helpful in the second composite creation or add to the information that could help to zero in on the target. Most people do not know that there were two witnesses, the computer store owner and her secretary who viewed Ted walk into the rear parking area. They both commented how he had a strange hop in his walking style. These memory's could help and I find the FBI investigators guilty of being un-careful with my results in 1987. If you take the time to view a Discovery Channel documentary clip of how my involvement helped David Kaczynski's confidence that the bomber was his brother, you will see basically how the first composite helped Agent Fitzgerald to close the case. But let me elaborate on the documentary.

I was not aware that my effort to provide the FBI a composite with eyes exposed would have had a part in Ted Kaczynski's arrest until I viewed, like any other viewer, the 5th episode in the Manhunt Unabomber documentary (which I viewed on Netflix). You would think that the FBI would realize that my concept was accurate. Also, when an investigator interviews a possible connection with a friend or relative, or any person over the accuracy of a composite, that in reality the investigator will have multiple composite material to use. In this case I had made three watercolor composites; one with a hair change, one with the eyes exposed, and the first original release. As for the second remake composite there were at least two; one with and without a mustache.

In my analysis of what must have happened is that David was impressed with what you would call the 'facial recognition area' on the original release created in 1987 and the 1994 composite I supplied the FBI with in 1994. In that facial recognition area you can virtually trace the facial features showing a smaller person that the second release indicated. In my composites I was off on the forehead hairline and hair, and also with the chin. The witness had a rough time describing the chin to me. She said it was pointed, but in reality she was trying to say protruding. It was like a more handsome version of Popeye's chin (the 1930's cartoon character). But in the facial recognition area the symmetry was perfect the same to Ted's symmetry. Also, the facial recognition area in the first release could have easily made Ted see his face, making the likeness close enough for him to hide away six years. Plus in my opinion it is more likely that David recognized his brother viewing the accurate 1994 eyes exposed 1994 composite. You can see what I am referring to in the comparison of Ted and Boylan's 1994 release below. You must put the cursor over the composite face to see the recognition facial area.   (note that the composite depicting the exposed eyes was in the possession of the FBI UNABOM Task Force a year and a half before Ted's arrest.) click here to view comparison

As for in the episode in Manhunt Unabomber you see a very good likeness of the actor playing Ted Kaczynski which worked well in the show. It was adventitious for the directors to not get into complicated information. So don't base the accuracy of the first composite release on it's likeness to the actor. You can bank on the similarity of my face to that of the 1994 second composite release on Newsweek magazine.

American Journal broadcast in 1994:

Segment in the 5th episode of Discovery Channel's Manhunt Unabomber:

You would think that the FBI would be big enough to admit my success.



What if we all would have worked together?

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Now you can read the original text and see the videos presented on this webpage. I have thought back through the years and to my knowledge I have only worked with law enforcement maybe 50 or so times. I think when you see the accuracy of the composites with the convicted you will see that the eye witness can be accurate. I am a portrait artist who made and still makes part of his income creating portraits of customers and making them look good, and maybe I made the criminals look better too..? Please read now realizing that this was written before I viewed a documentary partly directed by Agent Fitzgerald. I'm not a great writer and would be welcome to a ghost writer's adaptation. Click here