Welcome to RobertExter.com, the resume for a special type of portrait artist. My talent is not restricted to paintings, drawings, or illustration, but can perform the many tasks of video such as capturing with crisp sound, authoring DVDs with professional original menus. I can put my special touch to web design and have come proficient with Youtube.         
  My identification work  law enforcement agencies has been very successful. I have developed a process where I can work on line with  a witness anywhere in the world to illustrate personalities that can be used to locate and adjudicate by capturing an  accurate record of a witness interview. See letter of recommendation    
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  I have also developed a procedure to identify Jane and John Does where you use multi drawings of a skull or skeleton varying the subject tissue. The multiple concepts of one case can then be used in a lineup making it more possible to approach the real visual identity of the subject's identity.  example   Work on UNABOM Task Force  
  My work in identification is a great help in portrait work. In portraits dealing with deceased subject, it helps to have the ability to work from description.  Contact:  robertexter@gmail.com  
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  *ABOUT THE VIDEO: Please note that I was not identified with a subtitle name in the video, but you can see that it was me who drew the identifying sketch. In real police work, witnesses do not view suspects in group sessions. Witnesses are not allowed to guess. I have been successful on a high percentage of cases. In my opinion this program segment was meant to damage witness credibility. However I was insistent on having the subject yell at the witnesses. I told the head investigator that I thought my female witness had observed the subject with interest and that she would be my pick to identify the suspect. I told the investigator that my male witness observed the backpack and would only be good for clothing. In most cases robbers do not wear disguises. All of the men in the line-up had no facial hair. I was responsible for the suggestion of voice identification with the composite. composites are not tangible evidence; in court they are used to give supportive evidence to a witness's credibility. Lastly; I had to wait three months to find out that I had helped the witness pick the right subject.