PLEASE POST COMMENTS ON  THE YOUTUBE HOSTING PAGE  -CLICK HERE-   - Paul R. Houser - see Quick Link Index below for specific comments.  - Dr Paul Houser Explains to Siskiyou County citizens why he was fired from the Department of Reclamation and Interior.
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01:02 Introduction by Sheriff Lopey-- Paul Houser's credentials
08:30  Why Paul decided to study water-wanted to "help society make better decisions about water"
11:26 What Paul did while working for the Bureau of Reclamation-trips to Northern California and Klamath Dams and other rivers
13:35 September 13 Press Release "unacceptable" "unknowns" "risks"
15:10 Response from his Press Secretary of the Dept. of the Interior directed him-- "No e-mail or discoverable documents"
"Summary of Science" not quite right Uncertainty in the number 81.4% ???
17:30 Nature Magazine report
19:00 "Spinning a positive picture"
19:42 Dam removal would NOT help salmon recovery
21:21 Summary of his concerns-what Paul did-"The Sec. really wants to remove those dams...."
22:54 Time goes on-things changed-- positions changed to probationary period --administrative "goof"
performance review :not a team player--poor choices--lost trust
24:40 Travel Denied
25:20 Wanted to work to make things better--felt stifled and confined
26:11 Feb. 6th--Resign or be terminated! On administrative leave for 2 weeks Terminated on Feb. 26
27:37 Filed complaints
28:03 Sec. of State delays his decision about the dams "indefinitely"
29:15 Why I chose to put these allegations forward--I wanted to do the right thing
31:51 What has happened since
33:45 What Paul thinks about dam removal--"an uncontrolled experiment" "the most extreme option"
41:00 What do we need next? We need transparent science Other alternatives must be considered
42:24 What is the motivation behind all this? Why is the Sec. of Interior so adamant? Policy agenda. Money.
45:07 Conclusion


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