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Dr. Michael Coffman early on found that the claim "humans cause global warming" was unfounded and is not provable. It's easy to convince a gullible society simply because most people are surrounded by a mess of their own making, plus they haven't the capability to understand how much heat it takes to have any effect on the climate. You also have to realize what the real climate changing source is and how powerful. The source is quite obvious, it's "the Sun" the main source of heat throughout our solar system.
Second on the list of anything that could change a climate is the earth's surface of which seals a molten core of minerals. One volcano can change the climate for a short period, but after the eruptions stops and the sky clears of volcanic residue, the earth always recovers. There is no man made global warming,



and only someone with the erroneous idea that man is capable of destroying more that a volcano can destroy, is fooling themselves.  Unfortunately, most people fall into this category until they steer themselves back into reality.

In the 1970's there were claims of an opposite nature, that an ice age was looming. This never came to pass and now we have another generation to be fooled, so why not try?

Answer: Why fool the next generation into fear of global warming? "To control and be powerful". Throughout time leaders have controlled people by fear tactics, and that is happening with the claim of global warming.

You might ask for proof, but can you prove either claim? You can't, and a consensus of scientist would agree that "there are no oracles". It's a bluff, and common sense says, since there is no provable man made cause, then it's obvious there is an agenda to control the world.
Think about it.
If you can scare someone into thinking they are responsible for something that could cause the environment to change, then you can scare them into doing things that severely restrict our freedom, the freedom that has made our nation great. You can demonize power sources that only seem to be harmful and control society through guilt. And all at the same time, develop a penalty system of trading designed to skim off the world profits of industry, namely "Cap and Trade". This is the evil we face, and it is a main component of the sustainable planning in Agenda 21. Dr. Coffman will explain in detail in his presentation to the Redding Tea Party.
Dr. Coffman's credentials: http://www.discerningtoday.org/dr__michael_coffman.htm
What's Happing to America? Part 1

Rescuing a Broken America

Introducing Dr. Michael Coffman, PHD
Global warming - Man is not causing Global Warming
Global Governance  Search with Google    with Yahoo    with Bing
There is an effort by bureaucrats to rule and who is involved.
Goes over studies on how people will react.
What schools were teaching in the 1970’s
Two opposing views:
Constitution is based on the writings of John Locke
            Private property rights
Students of John Locke

Fredrick Bastiat, Sir William Blackstone,

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

Preservation of Property Rights

The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

John Locke –
  • Property Rights are foundational to Liberty and Wealth Creation.
James Madison – and other founders
  • Government is instituted to protect property and various other rights of individuals..
  • Everything that belongs to you is a Private Property Right.
  • The purpose of Government is to protect Private Property Rights.
Thomas Jefferson –
  • The reason that Private Property rights were not mentioned but only in the 5th Amendment was that they were so foundational that everyone knew about them.
  • Property Rights were foundational to every citizen in the Colonies.
  • The colonies did not want a strong central government.
The Founders created three branches of government in both within the Federal government and layers below.
  • Legislative
  • Executive
  • Judicial
And for the:
  • Federal  government
  • State government
  • Local government

Government was intentionally designed to be very inefficient.

The only way to make government efficient is to take your Liberties away from you.
Taking Liberty away is an effort to Control you.
In the Articles of Confederation, no power was given to the Federal government and it was totally at the mercy of the States – and it didn’t work.
The constitution was written to overcome this and within it were established 18 enumerated powers.
In the Tenth Amendment (Article 1, Section 8) it states that what ever power is not within the 18 enumerated powers will be given to the States or the People.
Over the years, Progressive Judges have been able to expand the Federal governments powers.
Jefferson establish a rule called the People’s Law with Tyranny on one side and Anarchy on the other. Jefferson said “All power is God-Given Unalienable Rights from God.”
Man was designed to be free and therefore no government shall hinder that which was created without sever consequences.
We the People are sovereign over the government.
Coffman defines the levels of constitutional power intended for the individual, the city, county, state, and federal governments.

70% of small businesses were started with equity loans on personal homes.

Owning property is key to a healthy economy.

Dr. Coffman Defines “Dead Capital”, and how it effects socialistic nations.
Dr. Coffman compares income between the America’s less socialist government, socialist governments of Europe, and communist countries.
The LESS Property Rights protection exist in a nation, the SMALLER Gross Domestic Product per capita.
The MORE Property Rights protection exist in a nation, the GREATER Gross Domestic Product per capita.
Important! - Our Liberty and our ability to create wealth is dependent on our Private Property Rights.
Fredrick Bastiat of the French Legilature,"in 1848" wrote a book "The Law " that described what the law should be under the Constitution.
Jean - Jacques Rousseau (the father of modern European socialism and communism) wrote a series of articles 180 degrees different from John Locke. Rousseau viewed Property Rights negatively and wanted a collective ownership by the state. Rousseau advocated the government should be sovereign over the individual.
Rousseau viewed Federal government superior over State government, and the State government superior over Local government. All government is supposed to be superior over the individual.

The Law

Under Rousseau's Law, Plunder has been converted into A Right, in order to protect Plunder.
And it has converted Lawful Defense {of Life, Liberty, and Property} into a Crime, in order to punish Lawful Defense.
Thomas Jefferson traveled to France to congratulate the leaders of the Revolution, was horrified to learn of Rousseau's views on government. Thomas Paine (not Patrick Henry) who had been living there were so out spoken that they both went to jail.
Jefferson says if government becomes centralized with too much power, leaders will try to pervert the Constitution and the nation will self destruct.
Dr. Coffman continues with emphasis on the National Debt and how it can destroy the nation.
How Did it Happen? Part 2
The people who are actually responsible for the on going destruction of our economy are the Global Elite, the "New World Order".
It's true! Let Dr. Coffman explain...
Carroll Quigley lived with the Global Elite and wrote a book about them.
Quigley - "The Powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less that to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole".
The Federal Reserve is really a "Private Bank". More about the Federal Reserve can be found at: www.TeaPartyVideo.net/money/
In the New World Order, the Expert will replace the democratic voter in control of the political system. The people that know best will rule. Scientists teamed up with the government will use the environment to tell you where to live, what to eat, how to live.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, in 1999 (Former National Security for President Carter andfounder of the Trilateral Commission) said: "It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files, containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior.
Environmental Fraud - Almost all of your problems come from the IUCN, the "International Union for the Conservation of Nature"
The IUCN originated the concept of:
  • Sustinable Development and
  • Ecosystem Management

Based in Ecospiritualism

The IUCN writes the Environmental Treaties for the UN
Ecospiritualism is the Pantheistic Basis of Reality where Mother Earth is God.
Dr. Coffman explains what the IUCN means by the term Sustainable Development, and that when the IUCN says Evolution, they are saying Reincarnation. Ecospiritualism is the Environmentalists Religion.
Adirondack Park Agency Act of 1971 was a project created to study controlling private property rights.
Sustainable Development was written by the IUCN in the 1980's and introduced in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and covers every aspect of your life.

Rescuing a Broken America


The objective of Agenda 21 was to control society by controlling Private Property Rights.
There is an agreement with the UN Leadership to create a new legislative body comprised of environmental groups that will be called "the People's Assembly" and they plan to rule over us.
Definition of a Green Economy:
A Green Economy is designed to separate the use of natural resources from the general economy.
Agenda 21 is an expensive experiment that can't be successful. It can't be done; "Progressive" mentality cannot accept reality.
The IUCN teamed up with the EPA to developed a joint strategy on Biodiversity and was implementing it before it had been ratified by the US Senate. The Senate never ratified it.
The UN went on to request that the United States executive branch should direct federal agencies to evaluate national policies...in light of international polices and objectives and amend national policies to achieve international objectives.
The BLM or US Forest service has changed their directive from helping people in their environment to protecting the environment from the people.
The UN Convention on Biological Diversity was introduced to the world at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, but was written by the IUCN in 1981. President Bush was asked to sign a Biodiversity Treaty, but he refused to sign it; but after Bill Clinton became President, he signed it.
In 1992 the treaty was a vague 18 page outline, but by the time it reached the senate in 1994 waiting to be ratified, it had become over a 1000 page document.
The premise of the document was to blame the western culture for the misuse of nature. All the biodiversity catastrophes is due to monolithic belief, religions such as Christianity.
In this treaty, pantheistic societies are valued over Judeo Christian - Islamic societies. (worship of mother earth was to be valued above the traditional belief in God)
The government would be able to change property rights at will, and advocated redistribution of wealth.
This segment presents a breakdown the agencies created under the IUCN
Conservation Biology is a new science where Nature Knows Best - A new science where the only management techniques of natural resources that should be used or allowed are what Nature would duplicate Naturally. Which means that mining, logging, drilling, or anything Nature wouldn't have done naturally should not be allowed.
This new science now dominates most every College or University that teaches Conservation.
The people that believe in this science are responsible for and created the Wildlands Project.
The Wildlands project is the sectoring of wilderness to designate boundaries where you can or cannot enter in the United States.
Dr. Coffman explains how he was able to stop the treaty's ratification.
Link to Dr. Coffman's Biodiversity Treaty Map.
Taking America Back - Part 3
Dr. Coffman gives his ideas on how America can, under the constitution, defend liberty.